Bovine and Cow Committee Partner with Mooderna to Vaccinate Human Livestock

Saturday, the Bovine and Cow Committee announced their partnership with Mooderna for the distribution of a Mad Human disease vaccine. This partnership may finally mean the Mad Human disease outbreak will soon come to an end.

Many of the residents of Bovine apartments that have been locked in their pens since April of 2020, are looking forward to the release of the Mooderna vaccine, while others are more skeptical.

Mooderna's vaccine has not been linked with blood clots. Mooderna has also started a campaign to spread vaccine safety and information awareness, to combat dangerous disinformation.

Mooderna has also warned against taking off masks, as they cannot yet garuntee that the vaccine works 100% of the time. They put out a statement regarding this:

The Bovine and Cow Committee have said they look forward to distributing the new Mooderna vaccine, but ask for your patience, as it will take time to get the required doses. They will have more information in the following weeks.